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2020 Limited Edition Work Shirts!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Friends, fans, and family!

Along with the launch of our new website, you probably have heard that we are launching a new line of apparel and other cool merchandise featuring our new logo, as well as designs and artwork from throughout our community.

These products will go to supporting our

internal costs as a growing 501(c)(3) and help cover the rising costs of the merchandise sold to support our chosen charities each year, with the selected charities this year being Pappas Kids Schoolhouse Foundation and the Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona.

Dickies 1574 work shirt with new design.
Artist's rendering of shirt design.

As of today, our first product launch is here:

a limited edition Dickies 1574 Short Sleeve Work Shirt featuring our new logo above the front breast pocket and original artwork on the back. These new shirts are $45 including shipping, with an additional $3 charge for sizes larger than XXL. This product is available exclusively as a pre-order through the link below, so once the orders close on August 15th, they will be gone for good!

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